Steps to Answered Prayers - Ask God for What You Want (Final Part)

When sense-knowledge truth contradicts revelation truth, the truth of God’s Word, we should immediately start walking by revelation truth. We should walk by what God has said in His Word.

What resides in the spiritual realm is made real in the natural realm through our faith in the Word of God. Our faith grasps it and creates the reality of it in our lives.

Dear precious child of the Most High, when you pray, believe that you receive whatever it is you are praying for, and you shall have it. That’s beyond natural thinking. In fact, the natural mind cannot apprehend it. As children of God, we are to follow the admonition found in 2 Corinthians 5 verse 7, “For we walk by faith and not by sight.” Believe the truth and not a lie!


Confession I cannot receive from God on the basis of my sense-knowledge but I do receive from Him on the basis of what He has promised (find the promises that fit your circumstances) in His Word.


Matt 6:32          John 16:23-24         Ephs 1:3     Matt 7:7-8         Rom 4:17          Mk 11:23-24         2 Cors 5:7.