What Does God Say About Anxieties, Cares, Concerns & Worries? - Final Part

Precious child of the most High, this casting your cares upon the Lord is a once-and-for-all proposition. So cast your cares, throw all of them without the intention of ever going back to retrieve them - upon the Lord.

You can do it. The Almighty God would not tell you to do something you could not do. As you learn to walk by faith - in line with God's word, your life can be beautiful and blessed. So purpose in your heart to practise God's Word and to practise faith. In a moment I am going to ask you to do something that will help rid you of all your cares.......

Please close your eyes and name your cares one by one and give them to the Lord. God already knows about them but naming them is for your benefit. They have worked enough havoc in your life and have hindered your advancement. They are too heavy for you to bear, but they are not too heavy for the Almighty God. Say to the Lord, "Father God, I cast...(name them all) this worry upon you now and leave it with You in Jesus' name.." As you cast them upon the Lord and leave them there, you will see God begin to work mightily on your behalf to bring about the answers to all your problems and concerns.


CONFESSION - I will no longer worry or have anxiety about ANYTHING. I have rolled ALL my cares and anxieties on the Lord once and for all for He cares super abundantly for me.


Ps 37:5;             Ps 55:22;                   Matt 6:25-27;            Lk 12:25;                   Phil 4:6-7;                  1 Pe 5:7