Be Worry Free - Pt 2

Last week we stated that our God, who knows our frame, and our down sitting and uprising, wants all His children to be 'worry-free'.

The effects of an anxiety-filled life are immense but can be avoided if we do what God says to do. Let us begin to briefly examine some of the scriptures we have been meditating on since last week. "Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.".

Another translation renders the verse thus "Unload your burden on to Yahweh, and he will support you; never will he permit the just man to be disturbed." This is a tremendous verse to memorise, meditate on and allow it to percolate through the mind into one's consciousness. Take time to allow the verse to transform your thinking for that is where change begins! For God to sustain you so that you're no longer burdened or disturbed you must do something now. Cast, unload the burden on to Father God......

CONFESSION - I lay all my burdens down at Jesus' feet now and will no longer carry any burden, fret or worry for Father God affectionately cares for me.

Psa 37:5;      Psa 55:22;        Psa 139:2;      Isa 26:3;       Matt 6:25;     Phil 4:6-7;         1 Pet 5:7