Keys to Living Life to the Full - Key No 2

This week, we shall briefly examine how the subject of service applies in the place of employment.

The word of God is filled with admonitions on what attitude should be adopted in the work place by believers, whether by the employed or the employer. For example, the scriptures say that, "..whatever your hands find to do (employment) do it with all your might and as unto the LORD; Masters (employers), give unto your servants (workers) that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven."

To the employed - How reliable are you at your work place? What is your time-keeping like? What is your work ethic like? What quality of work do you produce? Can your employer count or depend on you to get the job done well? Do you pray for your employer (supervisor, middle and senior management, and in particular the directors) as Father God instructs us to do?

To the employer - Are you fair to your employee(s)? Do you keep your promises? Are your words reliable? Do your conditions of employment match up to biblical standards? Do you adhere to all statutory requirements of health and safety at work?



CONFESSION - Father GOD I thank you for the provision of employment (workers if you're the employer), I shall therefore work or (discharge my responsibility) to the best of my ability and as unto the LORD; so help me God.


Josh 24:14-15         Eph 6:5-8;        Eph 6:9;         Tit 2:9-10;       Col 3:23-24;         Col 4:1;           1 Tim 2:1-3;          1 Tim 6:1;            1 Pet 2:18-21