Are You a Grumbler, Complainer or Rejoicer?

Dear precious child of the most High, why should your soul be cast down within you? Lift up your head and open your mouth in exaltation of the Father God who has kept you thus far.

Regardless of how you're feeling right now, declare the following quietly but loudly enough to hear yourself, "all other gods, they are the works of men - You are the most High God, there is none like You. All other gods, they are the works of men for You are the most High God and there is none like You. Jehovah - You are the most High, You are my Most High God!"

Continue with your declaration thus, "Father God, Your steadfast love for me never ceases and Your mercy towards me never comes to an end for they are indeed new every morning - great is Your faithfulness towards me. Father God, You are the Lifter of my head, Preserver of my soul and I am NOT destroyed because of your great mercy, Your loving-kindness and unfailing compassion towards me." Therefore, I too, like the Psalmist will bless You always and Your praises shall continually be in my mouth thus shutting the mouth of the destroyer – and keeping him at bay. For I am a REJOICER in the Lord always and NOT a Grumbler or Complainer and every irritation shall be turned into intercession.



CONFESSION - Rejoicing in the Lord is contagious so help me o Lord to be a REJOICER always no matter what the circumstances. Every circumstance is transient but You o Lord are unchanging and Your promises never fail.


Ps 22:3;                Ps 34:1;             Ps 34:19;            Ps 103:1-22;           Isa 25:1;              Lam 3:23;        Act 16:25-34;        1 Cor 10:4-10;           Phil 2:14-15;          Phil 4:4;                 1 Thess 5:16-18;         1 Tim 2:1-3;             Heb 13:15