Are You a Grumbler, Complainer or Rejoicer?

Last week we started to look at the subject of why it is necessary to REJOICE in the Lord always regardless of the situation you may be in or challenges you are presently facing.

Precious child of the most High, anybody can offer exuberant praise and thanksgiving to God when everything is going very well but what about when things are not going so well or worse still, going very badly? If your attitude is one of ingratitude and griping then you will undoubtedly grumble.

Whether others think it is perfectly justifiable or not, child of God, Father God is NEVER in your complaints nor is He in your grumbling, instead HE sits in the middle of your praises. Thanksgiving and praises legitimise your entrance into God's presence and God's into your situation or current challenges.

No, you are not thanking God for the challenges but thanking and praising God despite the challenges for they shall pass but He remains forever. Apostle Paul was in prison when he penned by the Holy Spirit the admonition, 'Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. 'Rejoicing is of the heart and emanates from the grateful heart and therefore cannot be stifled by any circumstances; for true rejoicing is based on God's goodness. Purpose therefore to rejoice always and the destroyer will be kept at bay every time.


CONFESSION - I refuse to open up for the destroyer of my soul therefore I purpose to REJOICE always regardless of my present circumstances. Because in Christ and through Christ I am more than a conqueror...

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