Are You a Grumbler, Complainer or Rejoicer?

In the next few weeks we shall be looking at the subject of why it is necessary to REJOICE in the Lord always, regardless of the situation you are in or challenges you may be facing.

If you do not rejoice you will become a Grumbler or Complainer; which one are you, a Grumbler or a Rejoicer? To begin with, let us define what it means 'to grumble'  - it means to murmur or mutter in discontent; complain sullenly.

Saints of God, there is nowhere in the Bible where God encourages His children to grumble or complain but there are many references that reveal God's heart on the subject - He does not like it because grumbling or complaining hinder His purposes, stop us from doing something positive about the situation in question and open the doorway to the destroyer. For example, let us say you have been praying to Father God to provide you employment and against all odds He did. Now you've settled into your job and you're enjoying it until the company embarks on organisational changes.

Admittedly, things could have been handled better but they weren't. It created an atmosphere of mis-trust and complaints. Senior managers, of whom one is your supervisor, are now being talked about negatively. As a child of God, what would God have you do in such a situation, join other complainers or pray for those in authority over you (for wisdom and fairness)?


CONFESSION - I purpose not to be a grumbler or complainer but I shall make a difference, contributing positively for the betterment of where God has placed me.

Ps 34:1, 19;            Ps 103:1-22;           Act 16:25-34;       1 Cor 10:4-10;         Phil 2:14-15;          Phil 4:4;                 1 Tim 2:1-3;             Heb 13:15