God Will's Your Maturity - MARKS OF SPIRITUAL BABYHOOD (7b)

Spiritual growth and resentment are incompatible! If you hold onto resentment, you forfeit growth but if you long to grow, then you must let go of resentment. It is as simple as that.

Someone once said, “There is a sense in which the judgment of God operates now, in this life, against all those who carry resentment in their hearts. That judgment shows itself in such things as frustration, inner conflicts, neuroses, and so on.”

Resentment is a powerful poison. It will destroy you if you try to repress it, and it will destroy you if you try to express it. As a matter of fact, resentment (anger, hatred or animosity) grieves the Holy Spirit.

So what then is the remedy or antidote?

1) Accept that all bitterness or resentment is wrong in the sight of God, no matter how apparently justified it may be.

2) Surrender the resentment to God. Remember, resentments block – but love blesses.

3) Forgive those against whom you have been holding resentment.

In some cases, it is not only right to forgive them but to tell them so. Please note that telling them is to release you from under the power of resentment and not to solicit any apology from them – which they may or may not give but it will set you free.


CONFESSION - May Father God give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ, the eyes of my understanding being enlightened that I may know what is the hope of His calling.


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