The Holy Spirit Within - His Role

The text we focused on last week unfolds the wonderful truth that we have two Advocates (lawyers that defend, in other words - Defence Lawyers).

On earth, the Holy Spirit pleads our cause. The things we cannot say in the right way, He says for us; the things we do not understand, He interprets for us. In heaven, Jesus is our Advocate with the Father; He pleads our cause.

Wow! We have the two greatest Advocates in the universe. We have Jesus Christ, the Son, at the Father's right hand (a place of authority!), and we have the Holy Spirit on earth. With two such Advocates, how could we ever lose the case? Let's explore what Jesus said, "The Father......will give you another Counsellor" Please pay attention to the word 'another', as it indicates a person (not a force, as some groups believe!).


CONFESSION - Jesus I thank You for the precious Gift of a Divine Helper who lives BIG on the inside of me to help me. He remains my Advocate and Comforter - thank You Lord.


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