The Person of The Holy Spirit - Why we need Him!

The Bible reveals that the Person of the Holy Spirit has been the primary agent in the entire ministry of the Word throughout the centuries. He is the Sole Administrator of all the blessings of the Godhead.
Holy Spirit is a person, given as a gift to the church to ensure that the continued ministry of the resurrected Christ is expressed and verified. He possesses all the attributes / characteristics of a person. For example:
1) He possesses the attributes of mind, will and feeling;
2) He engages in such activities as revealing, teaching, witnessing, interceding, speaking, commanding and testifying;
3) He has a relationship with human persons and therefore He can be grieved, lied to and blasphemed against.
4) The Holy Spirit possesses the divine attributes of the Godhead - He is eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.



CONFESSION - Holy Spirit I welcome You into my life, move in me with holy fire and effect a work of grace to the glory of the Father in Jesus' name.


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