A Believer’s Place with Christ (Final Pt)


We are in the last moments of the last days and the Bishop of our soul is coming very soon. Increasingly, political, ecological, religious, and social and economic signs affirm the soon return of the King of kings.


When He returns, what will He find us doing? Tangled with the affairs of this world or engaged with the commands of the Commander in Chief? The glory of the Lord is being poured out in an increasing measure to accomplish His end-time harvest of souls. For word of God declares that heaven rejoices over one sinner that repents.


Beloved, refuse to be side-tracked by the cares of this world for you are of more value than the sparrows (who never sow nor reap, yet your heavenly Father feeds them). He that wins a soul is wise so ask God to show you the precious fruit of the earth that you might be actively involved in the process of His end-time harvest of souls.



Confession – I am God’s person for my generation and therefore will not be moved by the dictates of this present age but will be fully engaged with Christ’s primary agenda – seeking and saving the lost.

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