A Believer’s Place with Christ (Pt 3)


The state of our society largely depends on the attitude we adopt as believers, but Christ has empowered you and me to do something that counts towards the extension of His kingdom, the plundering of hell and population of heaven.


We are the circumcision who worship God in the spirit, whose confidence is in Christ Jesu the Author and Perfecter of our faith. The healing of our land depends on what we, as believers, do or do not do. Therefore we cannot afford to be apathetic or side tracked by the dictates and the system of this world which is passing.


We must engage or re-engage in Christ’s primary agenda, world evangelisation, for the Lord is not slack concerning His promises – not willing that ANY should perish but rather that ALL should come to repentance. For this reason we are authorised to terrorise the enemy and deliver people from the jaws of hell and for this reason, you are filled with the Holy Spirit and with power – use it!


Josh 1:2-4,   Acts 16:29-31,   Phil 3:3,   2 Chron 7:14,   Rm 12:1-3,   Col 3:16-17,   Mt 28:19-20,   Eph 2:5-7,   2 Pet 3:9,  Acts 1:8,   Phil 2:5-11,    Rev 1:18-19


Confession – I am God’s person for my generation and therefore will not be moved by the dictates of this present age but will be fully engaged with Christ’s primary agenda.