How To remain a Perpetual Conduit for God's Glory?

In conclusion, I believe that Father God wants to pour out His glory into us, upon us and through us that He may display to the watching world His manifold wisdom.
a) He wants us to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. He wants us to cast out demons and raise the dead.
b) He wants us to walk in total obedience to His Spirit without reservation. He wants us to do 'greater works' than Jesus did whilst on planet earth.
c) He wants us to have so much of His love, grace and power flowing through our mortal flesh that He can do signs and wonders through us and thus draw all to Christ.

Precious child of God, this is our destiny as sons of God. But He cannot fully do what He desires until we are living sanctified, holy lives before Him. He cannot do it until He has our whole heart - until we surrender everything in our lives to Him and yield in total obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. He cannot pour out upon us the full measure of His glory until we so submit to Him and declare, "I come to do thy will o God."


CONFESSION - I submit my life in entirety to living a sanctified and devoted life to Christ for I shall remain a perpetual conduit of the Father's glory in Jesus' mighty name.



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