Perpetual Fruitfulness - DISCIPLINE Myself (Pt 1)

The third key to living a life of perpetual fruitfulness is to DISCIPLINE myself.

The effectiveness of the previous two keys will be brought into disrepute unless this key is in operation in our lives. The phrase 'discipline myself' means to exercise self-control or self-restraint; to regulate; to be strict; to run away from (the biblical word is abstinence).

Father God would be unjust if HE expected us to be disciplined when it was out of our reach, so to speak, to do so. Apostle Paul whose greatest desire was to know Christ and the power of His resurrection, not to mention the countless numbers of people he shared the Gospel of Christ with, understood the danger of indiscipline. In his letter to the church in Corinth he emphasised the need to keep his body under subjection to his spirit-man so as not to forfeit heaven having preached to others.

Dear precious child of God, it's never too late to begin living a life of self-discipline. God specialises in helping us if we trust and obey Him.


CONFESSION - Help me O God to exercise self discipline in the areas of my five senses and the resources You have graciously blessed me with, in particular my time.

Ps 34:12-13;   Ps 51;1-19;             Ps 141:3;         Prov 15:4;         Prov 21:23;            Matt 5:30;       1 Cor 9:27;          1 Cor 10:12;      1 Thess 5:22