Classes for 19 July 2020

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WoFC Sunday School

Age 2-4


Lesson for the Word of Faith Centre Sunday School class (Age 2-4 years) – Joseph's story: Part 3. Theme: Pit, Potiphar, Prison, Palace! Where is hope now? Where are the dreams now?...

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    Key lesson: Finally! After 13 years Joseph’s dreams came true! He became the most powerful man in Egypt second only to his father and brothers. Only God could have put Joseph, a foreigner in such a position! 

    And by putting him in that place of authority Joseph was used by God to move his family closer to the promise made to his great-grandfather, Abraham, (Gen 12).

    Key texts: 

    Gen 41:39-40.

    Gen 45:5.

    The chief cup-bearer is reconnected to his memory! He tells pharaoh about Joseph, a young foreigner who had interpreted his dream whilst in prison. Pharaoh calls for Joseph, tells him his dreams, which Joseph interprets. Pharaoh is so impressed with the wisdom of God in Joseph; he appoints him to the role of second-in-command. 

    In this role Joseph is able to help his family when they came looking to buy food during the famine. 

    Hope manifests into tangible outcomes!

    Praise God!

    HAVE FUN!!!