Classes for 07 June 2020

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Age 2-4

Lesson for the Word of Faith Centre Sunday School class (Age 2-4) - Hope: The story of Joseph and his special coat, Part 2 .…

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    Bible text: Genesis 37


    1. Joseph's brothers wanted to do something bad to him so they sent him away instead.

    2. He had to work hard for food and shelter.

    3. He then was sent to jail.

    4. Through it all God was with him!

    Task: Along with this video, recap on Part 1 also


    HAVE FUN!!!


Primary Classes

Lesson for the Word of Faith Centre Sunday School class (Primary School age) - You can bring hope to others despite your age: Part two:...

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    Reading taken from New King James Version of the Bible.

    In this video we shall be learning more about Joseph, Abraham’s great-grandson. We read in Genesis 37:5-11 that he had two dreams.

    In one, he saw sheaves of wheat. There were 11, ten bowed down to him and his stood tall. In the second dream, he saw the sun, moon and stars bow down to him. His dreams were God’s special way of helping Joseph to have something special to remember, especially when life became tough and it did become tough as we will see next time we listen to his story.

    Illustrations of Joseph adapted from story by Jill Kemp and illustrations by Richard Gunther. Used with permission.


    HAVE FUN!!!


Senior Class


Lesson for the Word of Faith Centre Sunday School class (High school and College age) – - Joseph: Hope amid suffering and injustice...

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    In this video we look at the story of Joseph and the hope he had in God amid suffering, The Story of Joseph is an interesting one.

    Here is a young man whose greatest crime was having a dream. His greatest enemies were his own family, his own brothers. He went from being a slave, sent to a foreign land, accused of things he did not do, and then sent to prison. Even with all this wickedness, Joseph never gave up hope and kept his integrity, because he knew God had promised and will fulfil his promise.  And God worked it out for his good and the good of others.  God’s plans are greater than the injustices we see.  He will turn them around for good. This is even shown in the cross.  God was using the injustice and evil done to Jesus Christ for our salvation and ultimate good, to His Glory.

    Full Bible story:
    Genesis, chapters 37-50

    Memory verses:
    Psalm 105:16-19 (NASB)
    Genesis 50:20 (NASB) 
    Romans 8:28 (NASB)