Pastor's Sermon

You Can Trust God (17/05/20)

Pastor Niyi reminds us that we can put our trust in God because He is faithful.


Finding Love During COVID-19 (10/05/20)

Pastor Kingsley emphasises the depth of the love God has for us. This love is so great and does not change based on our circumstances, God's love for mankind remains the same.


God Wants Peace for Us (03/05/20)

Pastor Niyi takes us through four steps on how to receive and maintain God's peace.


Having the Mind of Christ (26/04/20)

In this sermon Pastor Niyi speaks on having the mind of Christ, how we can have the mind of Christ and what that means. By looking at the life of Christ and Apostle Paul, he encourages us to stay God centred.

Thank you for watching. Please note at 8.40, 'Romans 8:56' should read 'Romans 8:5-6'. Also at 28:52-28:58 'Philippians is misspelt.

Vital Equipment for the Mind (19/04/20)

Pastor Kingsley shares on the mindsets we need to adopt during difficult seasons.


What has your focus? (12/04/20)

In this sermon Pastor Kingsley asks the question, what has your focus? By taking us through the scriptures he encourages us to keep our focus on God during this time.


Making the most of the time we have (05/04/20)


The Secret of Being Content (29/03/20)

Staying Calm in the Midst of the Storm (22/03/20)