Classes for 05 April 2020

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Age 2-4

Lesson for the Word of Faith Centre Sunday School class (Age 2-4) - Faith takes action: Part two. What rules can you think of at home that your grown-ups have told you to do?...

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    - Pack away your toys?
    - Tidy up your room?

    Do you find these rules hard to follow?

    Listen to me as I tell the story of Adam and Eve.

    The memory verse for this lesson is John 4 vs 34.

    - Jesus wanted to obey His Father and do His will. 

    HAVE FUN!!!


Primary Classes

Lesson for the Word of Faith Centre Sunday School class (Primary School age) - Faith takes action: Part two. In this video:...

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    - We have fun learning new ways to say hello.
    - We meet Johnny Jumping Jacks and Police Constable Bob. 
    - We learn what it means to surrender.

    Shalom, means peace, but can also be used as a greeting to say hello. It is a Hebrew word.

    Listen to me as I tell the story of Johnny Jumping Jacks. Johnny Jumping Jacks steals a leather jacket from an open car. When he is caught by PC Bob, he finally throws his hands up in an act of surrender. This shows us that surrender means: I give up or in a positive sense, I give my all. 

    Jesus also demonstrates to us through His life that He was willing to give His all as an act of obedience to Father God. In John 4:34 Jesus says: my food (or my will, my desire, my passion) is to do the will of my Father. Jesus was true to His word and He gave His life on a cross so that mankind could be reunited with God and end the separation which had occurred as a result of mankind’s wrong (sinful) behaviour.

    As we approach Easter weekend, we would like you to read Mark 11:1-11 and answer the following questions:

    1. What was the name of the city that Jesus entered?
    2. What did He ride upon to enter the city?
    3. What were the people shouting as He entered the city?
    4. What were the people waving as He entered the city?

    Here’s a fun video for you to watch: 

    HAVE FUN!!!


Senior Class


Lesson for the Word of Faith Centre Sunday School senior class (High School and College) – Faith takes action: Part two.  I have a question for you...

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    What kind of Christian are you? 

    Do you only say “I believe” or do you say “I believe and I also surrender”. 

    Read with me the following scriptures; John 4:31-34, Luke 22:39-42 and James 2:19. 

    I want to encourage you all to be Christians who say: I believe and surrender to God, I do what it is He asks me to do, I read His Word and hear what He has to say. 

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