Singles Ministry

The mission and purpose of the Singles Ministry for Word of Faith Centre is to seek to meet the various needs of single adults, seeking Spiritual growth and enrichment, healing and social fellowship.

In this ministry we will seek to encourage Christian Singles to further consecrate themselves to God's purpose, will and plan in and through their lives. Aiming in cultivating and developing the right atmosphere where personal spiritual growth and worship can occur equipping singles for effective ministry, reaching our community and beyond

Through this segment of ministry, we are aiming and seeking to affirm Adult Singles, whether they be by choice or circumstances, their value and importance of who they are as individuals.

Reasons for the Ministry

  1. To further develop an effective outreach to the growing number of Single Adults both within church and community 
  2.  seek to further enhance the overall church growth through this segment of ministry
  3. To help fulfil Christ's great commission by sharing the gospel through the various gifts and talents available
  4. To assist in meeting the unique needs of single adults who seek for spiritual growth, healing opportunities and social fellowship

 Examples of the Various Needs of Adult Singles

  1. Need for Spiritual growth
  2. Need to form healthy relationships and friendship
  3. Need for emotional health and healing
  4. Need for opportunities to serve others

 Examples of Solutions Meeting These Needs

  1. Workshops 
  2. Seminars
  3. Retreats
  4. Social events
  5. Talk shows