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Remember "All things are possible to those who believe", Mk 9:23..


Words of Encouragement

Life gets so busy at times, with family, church, work, and hobbies you wonder how you will fulfil all your duties and still maintain time for God and yourself. To your surprise you have managed to develop a reasonable routine, with your commitments, and life is running along reasonably ok.


Then, bam - COVID-19! It hits your whole world (literally the whole world), and life changes over night. Quarantine for 6 weeks, no work, no church, no social gatherings; oh my gosh no family contact! How will I survive? On top of that, I’m being constantly told by the NHS, and my doctor, that I’m at high risk and MUST ‘shield’ - remain indoors - for 12 weeks. How will I cope?


Thoughts race through my mind and fear tries to grip me, shouting and showing me the worst scenario; then I hear a small whisper, “I am here with you". It’s such a small voice, I can hardly hear it. Fear continues to shout and show me the worst that could happen, and there is no cure. The small whisper continues, and I take time to be still. I hear the whisper get louder and I recognise the word of God: ‘Be still and know that I am God’. (Psalm 46:10).





WoFC Sunday School

Age 2-4

Lesson for the Word of Faith Centre Sunday School class (Age 2-4) - Hope: The story of Joseph and his special coat, Part 1 .…

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    Bible text: Genesis 37: 1-11

    Joseph lived in Canaan, the land of his great grandfather. He was Jacob's special son. He was given by his father a very special colourful coat that made his brothers jealous. 

    From the story, answer the questions below:
    1. How old was Joseph?
    2. What special gift did Joseph's father give him?


    HAVE FUN!!!


Primary Classes

Lesson for the Word of Faith Centre Sunday School class (Primary School age) - You can bring hope to others despite your age: Part two:...

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    In the following video we will: 

    - Read from Genesis 37:1-5 NKJV
    - We learn about one of Abraham’s great grandsons, Joseph. 

    Today we visit Joseph at the end of his life. He instructs his family to take his bones with them from Egypt when they leave to enter the land of promise. That’s how confident he was in God’s promise. His confidence led to him exercising hope. 

    Then we visit him as a young man. In Genesis 37: 5 he had a dream. The word for dream used means to hold on tightly or firmly bind. What we learn from this is that Joseph had his own promise from God onto which he could hold tightly.

    As you grow know that God will give you promises too. Just like Joseph you are encouraged to hold tightly to those promises, for they too will give birth to hope in your heart and life.
    Your homework this week is to:
    1. Think about Joseph's coat.
    2. Think about why getting the coat may have upset his older brothers.
    3. Discuss your answers with someone else at home. What did they say?
    4. Write down your answers and put them in a folder to show to your Sunday school teacher when you go back to church.


    HAVE FUN!!!


Senior Class


Lesson for the Word of Faith Centre Sunday School class (High school and College age) – Faith takes action: Part seven

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    In this video we look at the story of the 12 leaders who went to spy out the promised land. We see two different accounts from the spies, those who saw the promise but still did not have faith and those who had full trust that God will enable them to enter into the promised land. 

    Nathan poses a question: “When you see/hear the promises of God do you believe in them wholeheartedly or do you allow fear to prevent you from holding tight to the promises of God?”

    Bible References:
    Numbers 13: 23 (Amp)
    Numbers 13: 27 - 28 (Amp)
    Numbers 13: 30 (Amp)
    Numbers 14: 8 - 9 (Amp)