Why Did Jesus Come?

This week, many will be celebrating the first coming, the birth of Jesus Christ who was born in a manger. His birth was miraculous and it was the ultimate demonstration of the Creator's love for the created. Christmas is therefore a yearly reminder of how the divine - Jesus Christ, became human that He might restore 'fallen' humanity to the level of relationship he once knew with God. It is equally a reminder of what Christianity embodies - it is relationship, not a religion, where Father God gave the best gift He could offer humanity, His only begotten Son; that whosoever believes in Him WILL NOT perish but have eternal life that begins here and now. There is hell to be shunned and heaven to be gained through Jesus Christ alone! The following are some of the reasons why Jesus came:
a) To show us the Father and thus quench once and for all the erroneous view of God. He came to show us various attributes of God - His loving kindness, His shepherding nature; His attitude to the weak, vulnerable and disadvantaged;
b) To destroy all the works of the enemy and strip him of his power over every follower of Christ Jesus;
c) To save and thus grant humanity unfettered access to Father God through Jesus alone;
d) To deliver believers from the curse of the law (spiritual death, poverty and sicknesses and diseases) and receive the blessings of Abraham;
e) To show believers how to live and demonstrate what it means to be 'salt' and 'light' in this world.


CONFESSION - Thank You LORD for sending Jesus to save and deliver me from the dominion of the evil one. Jesus, I thank You for delivering me from the curse of the law and therefore I always triumph in you.


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