Principles of Discipleship - Final Part

3. CONTINUING IN HIS WORD is the final principle we shall look at. In the book of the Gospel of John chapter eight, Jesus says "...... If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples." A true disciple delights in the words of His Master.

He ponders them, prays over them, lives in them, works them out, and meditates in them as often as he is able. Discipleship means more than mustering an initial dedication to pass the entrance test, it involves a life of continued obedience to the demands and challenges of God’s Word. (Jesus Himself learnt obedience by the things He suffered).

First He reveals, and then we obey. On and on it goes - He revealing, and us obeying until new vistas of Christian experience are opened up. Let us be sure of one thing: when we stop obeying, He stops revealing. In conclusion:

a) A true disciple of Jesus Christ has a super love for Him;

b) A true disciple of Jesus Christ has a real and sincere love for brothers and sisters in Christ;

c) A true disciple of Jesus Christ is one who denies himself;

d) A true disciple of Jesus Christ deliberately chooses the way of the cross;

e) A true disciple of Jesus Christ is one who spends his/her life following Christ.

Discipleship is not a slavish obedience to a set of rules, but a living, vital contact with the Person of Christ, who comes to indwell His disciples and live out His dynamic life through them by the power of the Holy Spirit. The goal of discipleship is to make us like Christ. A disciple is not simply someone whom Christ teaches, but someone in whom Christ lives.


CONFESSION - I am committed to the One who loved me and gave Himself for me, Jesus Christ my LORD and King. As a true disciple therefore, I shall continue in His word.


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