A Believer's Place With Christ (Pt 1)

Every believer is authorised by God to terrorise the enemy and his cohorts because of what Christ has done. You see, at the cross, Christ Jesus made a public show of Satan and triumphed over him.

When Christ rose from the dead, He took the keys of hell and death from the devil and thus stripped him of what he illegitimately took from Adam. listen to how Jesus summarised it just before He ascended back to the Father's right hand, "All authority (in haven, earth and under the earth - in 3 worlds) have been given unto me. Go therefore and PREACH the GOSPEL unto all the world..."

Think about it beloved, if Christ now has all authority, what is left for the enemy - a big fat zero! But how do we exercise this Christ-given authority? By faith and through our lips. Change what you say with your lips, do with your hands and think in your heart. Line them all up with scripture and you'll live in victory always.

Pro 6:2,   Rom 12:1-2,   Col 2:13-15,   Pro 23:7,   Eph 2:5-7,   Col 3:16-17,   Mt 28:19-20,   Phil 2:5-11,   Rev 1:18-19,   Jn 1:12,   Phil 4:8

Confession - I am authorised to live in victory because of what Christ has done for me, therefore I align my words, my thoughts and my actions with scripture.