Characteristics of God's glory

Divine promises are to the glory of God. The characteristic nature of God's glory is both unique and personal.

UNIQUE - God's glory is not like man's. Man seeks eminence and recognition whilst God has no such ambition. His glory is His right of pre-eminence by virtue of being God. His glory has intrinsic worth and permanence. Through the prophet He announces, "My glory I give to no other..".

PERSONAL - God's glory is not an impersonal physical phenomenon separate from Himself, but a personal expression of Himself to man, demanding a personal response of faithfulness. This is why the scriptures speak of God being the glory of Israel. The greatest and most significant manifestation of God's glory is in the person of His Son Jesus Christ. He is referred to as, "the brightness of His glory and the exact representation of His being."


CONFESSION - Christ is in me - the hope of glory. I am committed to remain a carrier of the Father's glory in the community I serve and wherever I find myself.


Isa 42:8;            Isa 48:11;           Jer 2:11;         Jn 1:14;              Heb 1:3