Prepare for Christ's Second Coming - Part 1

In the news we have seen the horrific effect of evil done in the name of religion to innocent people, our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq, Syria and other places around the world. These horrific scenes and their frequency, among other things, point to the soon return of our King.

Consequently, I would like to discuss the subject of believers' preparedness for the King of kings' soon return. Preparation for the second coming of Christ is both a personal and corporate responsibility which leaves no room for selfishness, self-will or self-centredness. This preparation demands an attitude of God-centredness. It is both positional and continuous in nature; in other words, we must get ready as though Jesus is coming now and as though He is coming tomorrow.

We must learn from the parable of the ten virgins as documented in the 25th chapter of St. Matthew and verses 1 to 13. Five were wise whilst the other five were foolish. Jesus' concluding remarks on the parable are very revealing - they should propel us from a state of un-readiness to one of anticipation and readiness. Jesus says, "Watch therefore for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming."


CONFESSION - Help me o God to remain watchful and be ready for the soon return of my King and Lord Jesus Christ.


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