Give GOD Thanks now and Always

Precious child of God, it is the last week of the ninth month of the year and you are still alive - for God has kept you through thick and thin. What the enemy planned for your destruction Father God has turned it around, in your favour. This is something to shout about - God is a good God, the only Father that ensures ALL things work together for your good because you affectionately and devotedly love Him and His Son Jesus Christ.

Purpose to intensify your attitude of thanksgiving and praise to the One who has loved you and washed you from all sin. Extol the LORD your God for He has done great things whereof we are glad. Do not allow the enemy to still your praise for he knows that in as much as you continue to adopt an attitude of gratitude his influence and reach over you will wane. Thanksgiving and praise remind him of his defeat and that of his cohorts at the cross of Calvary where Jesus our Lord and King stripped him of all power and authority. So precious child of God, intensify your praise language this week and refuse to gripe, moan or complain for the God of all grace indwells in your praises.


CONFESSION - My God is the Faithful One, the All-Sufficient One therefore I give Him thanks and praise from the bottom of my heart. Such an attitude always legitimises my entrance into His presence.


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