Perpetual Fruitfulness - Summary (Final)

Precious child of the mighty God and of our loving Father, in spite of the present political, economic and financial uncertainties God has made a prophetic pronunciation and it is “Be perpetually fruitful in every aspect of your life - Dead areas will know life, says the Lord; Barren areas shall be productive says the Lord; Dry areas shall be watered again says the Lord; and you shall flourish like a palm tree and grow like cedars of Lebanon.” But what must we do in order to realise God’s best? If we would apply the four said keys in perpetuity, the door of perpetual fruitfulness shall remain open to us.

The keys are:
1) DESIRE after Father God;
2) Be DEVOTED to Christ Jesus;
3) DISCIPLINE myself;
4) DISCIPLE others.
In conclusion Jesus says "By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples."



CONFESSION - I DESIRE after my Father God and will remain DEVOTED to His Son Jesus Christ my Saviour & Master. I shall DISCIPLINE myself and help DISCIPLE others in the spirit of neighbourliness and thus I shall bear fruit perpetually.   


Josh 23:11;         Lk 10:27;           Ps 63:1-8;           Jb 23:12;           Matt 7:21-23;    Jn 14:15;            Phil 3:10;             Ps 40:8;             1 Cor 9:27;         1 Thess 5:22;      Matt 28:20;       2 Tim 2:2