Perpetual Fruitfulness - Summary (1)

Precious child of God, we began several weeks ago to examine factors which, if put into operation in our lives, would ensure we live a perpetually fruitful life.

Let us remind ourselves of what the keys to perpetual fruitfulness are:

Key No 1) DESIRE after Father God. Love Him with all your heart, soul, body and strength. Allow God's Holy Spirit to teach you the fear of the Lord for it will regulate your behaviour.

Key No 2) Be DEVOTED to Jesus Christ. Stay loyal to Him, His message and His method of doing things. Let the greatest thing in your life be to know Him more, to love Him more and to serve Him more. Be determined that nothing will separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Key No 3) DISCIPLINE yourself in the areas of your five senses. Bring your body under subjection to your spirit-man and run from every appearance of evil.

Key No 4) DISCIPLE others. Share the Christ in you with others in the spirit of neighbourliness and in the power of the Holy Spirit.



CONFESSION - I DESIRE after my Father God and will remain DEVOTED to His Son Jesus Christ my Saviour & Master. I shall DISCIPLINE myself and help DISCIPLE others in the spirit of neighbourliness.


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