Perpetual Fruitfulness - DEVOTED to Christ JESUS (Final)

A Hymn writer puts in stanzas what devotion to Christ means and it is worth meditating on.

"1. I cannot breathe enough of Thee, O gentle breeze of love, more fragrant than the myrtle tree the Rose of Sharon is to me, the balm of heaven above.

2. I cannot gaze enough on Thee, thou Fairest of the fair; my heart is filled with ecstasy, as in Thy face of radiancy I see such beauty there.

3. I cannot work enough for Thee, My Saviour, Master, Friend; I do not wish to go out free, but ever, always, willingly, to serve Thee to the end.

4. I cannot sing enough of Thee, the sweetest name on earth, a note so full of melody comes from my heart so joyously, and fills my soul with mirth.

5. I cannot speak enough of Thee, I have so much to tell: Thy heart it beats so tenderly as Thou dost draw me close to Thee, and whisper 'All is well.'"


Precious child of the living God, let nothing and nobody undermine your loyalty to the person of Christ, His mission and His message.


Lk 14:26;          Jn 8:31;            Jn 12:3;            Jn 14:15, 23;       Rom 8:35-39;  Gal 2:20;         1 Cor 1:9;     Phil 3:10;           1 Jn 2:6



CONFESSION - May the greatest thing in my life be to know, to love and to serve Christ Jesus more for He is the reason for my being. Nothing and nobody shall undermine my loyalty to His person, His mission and His message.