Perpetual Fruitfulness - DEVOTED to Christ JESUS (Pt 1)

The second key to a life of perpetual fruitfulness is to be DEVOTED to Christ.

The pre-eminent characteristic of the church in the New Testament, is devotion to Jesus Christ as Lord, not just as Saviour. Christ's position as the Lord evoked, sustained, and governed the major characteristics of the life of the church in the way members were admitted, treated one another, witnessed to His power, worshipped, and lived in hope of His soon return.

To devote means to consecrate, dedicate, give up exclusively to, be zealously attached, loyal or faithful. This key is so personal that it invokes questions such as, How devoted am I to my Master, the Lord of lords? How devoted am I to the lover of my soul? How devoted am I to the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valleys? How devoted am I to the Alpha and Omega, the King of kings? How devoted am I to the one who loved me and washed me from sin? How devoted am I to the one Who was, Who is and Who is to come?

Song 2:1;        Lk 14:26;          Jn 8:31;            Jn 12:3;            Rom 8:35-39;    Phil 3:10;           1 Jn 2:6;          Rev 1:5, 8;            Rev 19:16


CONFESSION - I am committed to the person of my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. I shall remain loyal to Him and devote myself exclusively to Him, His purpose, His message and His glory.