DESIRE after Father God (Final)

The Psalmist, who serves as an example of a true worshipper, teaches us that seeking after God involves the believer's entire being.

It should involve our soul - thirsting for Him just as the deer pants for the water brooks and meditating on Him;

Desire after God involves our body which should long for Him - after all our body is His dwelling place.

Desire after God involves our eyes - they should want to see His power and glory.

Desire after God involves our hands which should be lifted up in adoration and worship of Him.

Desire after God involves our mouth - it should offer continually the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to Him with joyful lips.

Precious child of God, you are a loved child of our loving heavenly Father, therefore DESIRE passionately after Him.

Make knowing God's will, purpose and glory your first priority as you pursue His call on your life. To do so, turn first to His Word, which is the atmosphere in which you may understand His will, recognize His way, and hear the voice of His Spirit.

Ps 42:1;             Ps 40:8;         Ps 63:1-8;         Ps 119:18;            Matt 6:33;       Lk 10:27;          Heb 13:15


CONFESSION - My soul pants after You o God: my body longs for You, my eyes shall see Your glory and power; my mind will meditate on Your words and my lips shall praise You.