DESIRE after Father God

Last week we began to examine what it really means to desire after Father God. The Psalmist offers us some very important elements that must be contained in our earnest DESIRE after God.

It begins with seeking Him first before your day begins - before the demands of the day start calling on all your resources. Seeking God early enables you to put Him first - listening to Him, fellowshipping with Him and receiving His life sustaining and mountain moving, spirit-filled encouraging words. How about our Master Jesus Christ when He walked this earth, how did He demonstrate His desire after Father God? I believe the answer is found in a phrase Jesus repeatedly said in relation to what He did. Jesus often said, "I do ONLY what I see my Father do.." Just when did He see His Father do anything? During the time of His intimacy with Him - He spent time alone with Father God to ensure His earthly ministries, among other things, had divine origin.


CONFESSION - If Jesus my Lord, Master and Friend can be intimate with You LORD God then so can I. Help me in my quest to be ever close to You that I may draw nearer to You and that I may seek You early.

Lk 22:41-42;  Jn 4:34;   Jn 5:19;     Jn 6:38;    Jn 8:28, 38;    Jn 12:49;     Jn 14:10;    Jn 17:1-5